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Over 1600 ADA Lawsuits

Since 2011, the Schapiro Law Group evolved into a nation-wide litigation leader regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Schapiro Law Group is centered upon the core beliefs of excellence, hard work and service. We represent companies of all sizes, individuals from all backgrounds and each can expect the highest level of service and competency. Any representation the Schapiro Law Group undertakes is an unwavering fidelity to our client’s interests, the law and a tireless work ethic. All of which, are centered upon the goal of delivering outstanding results. Legal issues and lawsuits are hard, it can be scary. Allow us to lead you out of that minefield.

Our experience, competency and passion will assist you or your business in your legal needs. Douglas Schapiro is featured on various news programs and articles through the years. This experience and knowledge is at your disposal in defending against all ADA cases. Yes, we have represented Plaintiffs in hundreds of ADA lawsuits, but that unparalleled experience and knowledge can now be put to use to defend your business. We know all the pressure points and will use that leverage to get the best results for you.

Mr. Schapiro’s passion for the arts started young as a 1995 graduate of the Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts (Film School). Since then, his love of film, television and other creative mediums has translated into a desire to see the artistic dreams of his clients realized. Solid legal representation is needed in order to ensure your ideas and your creative works are protected and the talent is properly paid for the work they do. Schapiro Law Group is here to make your creative dreams become a reality.

ADA Defense

Our firm has defended and prosecuted over 1,600 ADA lawsuits in federal court across the country.



We have ample experience addressing these and other business litigation disputes.


Entertainment Law

Representing content providers for film, music, television and other digital content for distribution.



You may be able to bring a suit against telemarketers if the caller is in violation of the TCPA.



Schapiro Law Group has the experience, knowledge and savvy to best resolve the ADA lawsuit filed against your business.


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