We represent national and international content providers for film, music, television and other digital content for distribution and entertainers with sponsorship and endorsement opportunities!

As a graduate of F.S.U. film school, Douglas Schapiro had always dreamed of being an entertainment attorney and ensuring the vision of his clients are actualized.

Film & television

An entertainment attorney should be experienced in talent agreements,
option agreements, familiar with motion picture distribution agreements and procedures as well as protection of the talent’s intellectual property. Filmmakers, actors, writers, composers and producers all need adequate representation too.


our entertainment attorney should have the experience to draft and handle producer agreements, talent agreements. More importantly, they should protect your intellectual property and be aware of digital
distribution rights and procedures. Schapiro Law Group will ensure your contract has you and your best interest at heart.


In this ever-changing technological landscape, your attorney should be familiar with software licensing and video game development agreements. Moreover, the various aspects of multimedia production, including video, music, social media distribution, etc. are also pivotal. This includes YouTube and Tik Tok podcasting as well.

Book Publishing

Let Schapiro Law Group negotiate, draft and approve publishing agreements for new and established writers seeking to get their book published. We can help create additional revenue streams for you by negotiating audiobook, book-to-movie and even book-to-video game
licensing and merchandising agreements for you.

Adult Video

Pornography is protected by Copyright and initially addressed in the case of Mitchell Bros. Film Group v. Cinema Adult Theater and subsequently affirmed by multiple
jurisdictions. There are state and local regulations that must be addressed if you are an adult film producer. If you are talent seeking representation, contact us.

has your content been illegally infringed or your likeness taken?

Schapiro Law Group can represent your interests in seeking to remove the offending content and any damages incurred are potentially paid.


Schapiro Law Group has the experience, knowledge and savvy to best resolve the ADA lawsuit filed against your business.


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